How do I maintain my sprayer wand and trigger?

Leaving certain parts of your wand unattended for a long period of time can be bad for your sprayer. Specifically, if we were to look at the on-off handle of the wand, chemicals left within this section can strip the lubricant around the O-Rings, resulting in wear and tear.

To maintain this section every couple of months, firstly, we need to remove the lance connecting to the handle by twisting off the clamp. Then remove the clamp opposite side to the trigger. Upon pulling this out you’ll notice that spring comes with it. The next step is to grab a pair of pliers, or something similar, and pull out the pin on the side of the handle.

This allows the trigger itself to removed and exposes a red plunger with two O-Rings attached. Simply push this plunger out and lubricate the O-Rings with Vaseline or something similar. Before re-assembling in reverse order, take a rag and push it into the handle and give it a wipe while it’s accessible.

The other step we can take to maintaining our wand and trigger is to remove the nozzle at the end of our wand for further cleaning. If debris or chemical build-up starts to block your nozzle, your spray pattern with be dramatically affected. Simply twist to remove the nozzle, exposing a white cylindrical filter and the nozzle’s shell. Wash these out with some water and make sure to give the nozzle causing a blow through to remove any excess debris.

For a more detailed breakdown, please watch our brilliant instructional video!