Honouring Dad, Fighting Dementia


Bob Thompson, wasn’t just a dad; He was a brilliant mind, a visionary entrepreneur, and a man passionate about learning and adventure. He started Clayton Engineering in 1975, a legacy of His dedication.


A long battle of dementia shattered our lives. It stole His vibrancy, leaving Him a shell of His former self. Witnessing His intellect fade was agonising. The man who explored literature and the world became a prisoner in His own mind. In 2022 He finally succumbed to His illness.

To honour Him and countless others, our family is running the Gold Coast Half Marathon on the 6th of July. We aim to raise funds for dementia research, so no family endures this pain.
Every step is a tribute to His memory and a fight for a brighter future. We need your help. Your donation, big or small, fuels hope for those battling dementia. Together, let’s turn heartbreak into hope, despair into determination, and loss into lasting change. Donate and join us!


Matching Donations
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