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Lightweight, battery-operated residential sprayer.

Application: Plant protection for large private gardens, decorative plants and shrubs; this sprayer can be used for weed control. Suitable agents include Roundup.

Got parts of your garden that need a softer spray? Well, we have just the accessory, made for you…

During May we are giving away a FREE versatile 3-1 Sprayer Nozzle with every Solo 414 Sprayer purchase. Twist between standard, jet & soft cone spray on-the-go!

The free gift (3in1 Nozzel) will be added to your order automatically, You don’t need to do it

Top Selling

Work efficiency and easy operation achieved with this battery-powered backpack sprayer.

Application: This sprayer is suitable in numerous arbour contexts. It achieves plant protection in nurseries, contract gardens, large private gardens, areas with decorative plants and shrubs, plantations, public gardens, and greenhouses. Appropriate for use by city councils and landscapers. Suitable agents include Roundup.


Apologies for any inconvenience but the Solo 417 is now out of stock. We encourage customers to consider the 16L Solo 424 Backpack Sprayer (not battery powered)  Click here to learn more