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Massive discount on the Solo 16L 424 Backpack Sprayer. Ergonomically designed for your comfort, lightweight and with a large 16L tank to cover all your space without worry. The Solo 424 Sprayer offers an uncomplicated design that presents a reliable, practical and comfortable product.

Application: Suitable for intensive use by semi-professional operators in the plant protection industry. Weed control can be achieved using suitable liquid plant protection agents; including Roundup. 

Comes with a 5 Years Warranty for extra peace of mind


Robust and lightweight: the new 441 Li backpack sprayer serves as a semi professional model in SOLO’s battery operated sprayer range. With an excellent 2 year warranty and many revolutionary features, there’s never been a greater, more versatile addition to our battery operated range of Solo Sprayers at such an affordable price!

Perfect for plant protection & weed control in large private gardens, decorative
plants, shrubs and plantations. Also services agricultural crops, public gardens, landscapes, nurseries and greenhouses. Suitable agents include Roundup.

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Work efficiency and easy operation achieved with this battery-powered backpack sprayer.

Application: This sprayer is suitable in numerous arbour contexts. It achieves plant protection in nurseries, contract gardens, large private gardens, areas with decorative plants and shrubs, plantations, public gardens, and greenhouses. Appropriate for use by city councils and landscapers. Suitable agents include Roundup.