6 Litre Battery Operated Sprayer – 406Li


Lightweight, Battery Operated Sprayer. Designed to eliminate the need for manually pumping up your sprayer, this 6L Battery Operated Sprayer is extremely easy to use and Ergonomically designed to be kind to your body. This battery-operated sprayer also maintains constant pressure no matter the duration of usage and is compatible with a range of parts and accessories!

The sprayer comes complete with a Lithium Battery and Charger.

Sample Applications:
• Perfect for plant protection & weed control in Residential applications. Suitable agents include Roundup.

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Key Benefits:

  1. UV resistant 6 Litre capacity tank.
  2. Rechargeable Li-ion 2.5 Ah battery. Allowing 3.5 hrs of spraying and 2.5 hrs recharge time.
  3. Maximum flow of 0.85L/min.
  4. Maximum pressure of 2.0 bar
  5. Large opening lid with integrated carry handle.
  6. Adjustable Nozzle
  7. 40cm robust wans with shut-off valve assembly
  8.  **Pump will operate continuously even when the trigger is released **
Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 18 × 40 cm
AS/NZS 60355 Certificate Safety Datasheet