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Robust and lightweight: the new 441Li backpack sprayer serves as a semi professional model in SOLO’s battery-operated sprayer range. Perfect for the Contract Gardener, Acreage owner or hobby farmer. Can be used with liquid fertilizers, selective herbicides, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides

Sample Applications:

• Plant protection for large private gardens, decorative plants, shrubs and plantations
• Weed control
• Agriculture crops
• Public gardens, landscape, nurseries and greenhouses

Top Selling

Work efficiency and easy operation are hallmarks of the SOLO premium 12 V battery-powered backpack sprayer. Free of omissions, whisper-quiet, and designed with your comfort in mind.

Get a FREE 2-Nozzle Boom Attachment VALUED at $64.50 with every 417Li sprayer. Valid until the 30th of April 2021

Sample Applications:
• Plant nurseries
• Contract gardens & City Council
• Large private gardens, decorative plants, shrubs and plantations
• Public gardens and landscaping, greenhouses
• Weed control
• Horticultural plantations


Professional mini pressure sprayers with a multitude of uses. SOLO’s 401 and 402 are flexible helpers: in the home and conservatory, for DIY projects and when protecting/caring for vehicles.


Sample Applications:

Plant protection
• For plants on balconies and patios
• Weed control
• Gardening fertilizing
• Equine & livestock

• Automotive
• Janitorial disinfection
• Household cleaners
• Pest control


The SOLO 433 motorised sprayer features a genuine Honda 4-stroke engine with plenty of power. Work long stretches thanks to the unit’s high-volume tank capacity (20 L) and ability to pump at 30 bar pressure, which results in the finest spray (even high up).


Sample Applications:

Plant protection
• Tall plantings, such as trees and larger shrubs
• Fruit trees

• Crops
Public gardens and landscaping


Premium and quality: Pressure sprayer that serves as the ‘right tool’ for professionals. Available in 5 L capacity, this unit is characterised by its robustness, practically-indestructible tank, and long service life.


Sample Applications:

Plant protection
• In larger private gardens
• For decorative plants, shrubs and plantations
• Weed control
• Pest control
• Trade applications


Lightweight, Battery Operated Sprayer. Designed to eliminate the need for manually pumping up your sprayer, this 6L Battery Operated Sprayer is extremely easy to use and Ergonomically designed to be kind to your body. This battery-operated sprayer also maintains constant pressure no matter the duration of usage and is compatible with a range of parts and accessories!


Sample Applications:
• Perfect for plant protection & weed control in Residential applications. Suitable agents include Roundup.

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