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All the great features of the top selling 417Li Battery Sprayer, in a 10L tank size. Get the job done in one go with up to 4 hrs of continuous spray time with this ergonomically designed, lightweight sprayer. Your body, and your landscape will thank you for it.


The sprayer comes complete with a Lithium Battery and Charger.


Sample Applications:
• Large private gardens, decorative plants, shrubs and plantations

• Weed control


Don’t spend hours pulling weeds… Spend minutes spraying them!

Robust and lightweight: the new 411Li backpack sprayer is a landscape model in SOLO’s battery-operated sprayer range. Perfect for the Contract Gardener, Acreage owner or hobby farmer. Can be used with liquid fertilizers, selective herbicides, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides

The sprayer comes complete with a Lithium Battery and Charger.

Sample Applications:

• Plant protection for large private gardens, decorative plants, shrubs and plantations
• Weed control
• Agriculture crops
• Public gardens, landscape, nurseries and greenhouses


No need to lift the SOLO 453 trolley sprayer; its large wheels ensure the unit can be pulled along with ease. Gardening has never been so simple!


Turn the manual sprayer into to a Battery Sprayer with the BQ Pump Handle.


Sample Applications:
• Plant Protection for plants on balconies and patios
• Backyard gardens
• For decorative plants and shrubs
• Weed control


Premium and quality: Pressure sprayer that serves as the ‘right tool’ for professionals. Available in 7L capacity, this unit is characterised by its robustness, practically-indestructible tank, and long service life.


Sample Applications:

Plant protection
• In larger private gardens
• For decorative plants, shrubs and plantations
• Weed control
• Pest control
• Trade applications


Take efficient spraying of large areas to the next level with our new range of 120cm 4-Nozzle Spray Booms. Perfect for the application of plant protection liquids over ground crops and herbicides over large lawns.


  • 120cm wide tough but light plastic spray boom.
  • Nozzle seats with cap nuts allow nozzles to be easily replaced or adjusted.
  • Three sets of ISO-standard flat spray nozzles with 80° spray angle, provide the user with a selection of spray volumes and pressure intensities.
  • Four ball valve filters installed to provide excellent filtration and to prevent dripping.
  • Ready to spray, this spray boom includes a lock nut for quick and easy connection to the spray wand.

Compatible with the following sprayers:


  • Solo 424, 425, 425LC, 473, 475, Manual Sprayers
  • Solo 441Li, 417Li, 442Li Battery Sprayers



The container is resistant against UV ray impact, transparent and robust
• Hight value seals fitted to all parts that come in contact with spray liquid
• Ergonomically-shaped operating components
• Efficient and sturdy pumps for quick and effortless pressure build-up
• Resistant plastic parts shaped from noncorrosive material


Built for comfort, built to last. This rugged, German-made 15L sprayer is top of the SOLO backpack sprayer range. Characterised by unbeatable performance, they are capable of handling fertilizers and agricultural chemicals such as; herbicide, pesticide, fungicide and Roundup. Top-quality materials and cutting-edge technology mean these units will deliver nothing short of optimal performance.

Sample Applications:

Plant protection
• Large private gardens, decorative plants, shrubs and plantations
• Public gardens and landscaping, greenhouses
• Weed control
• Agricultural crops

Agriculture (diaphragm models)
• Herbicides
• Disinfection, pest control

Woodland maintenance
• Plant care

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